Albarell Electric selected for Fed Ex Ground Hub Project in Allen Township

Awarded in August of 2016, Albarell Electric has been selected as the electrical contractor of choice for the Fed Ex Ground Hub Project.

Albarell’s role in the project includes providing the overall electrical infrastructures, which includes the electrical distribution, site lighting, fire alarm systems, and telecommunications pathways. The hub is scheduled to open at 800,000 square feet and provide approximately 680 full- and part-time jobs.

“We are proud to have been selected as the electrical contractor for this important project,” states Albarell’s President Mike Conkey. “We are excited to be part of an enterprise which will add not only value to our community, but will provide a boost in economic development though the creation of approximately 680 jobs, that’s quite an accomplishment.”

Considering the magnitude of the mission, Albarell is assigning highly experienced personnel to bring the project to fruition. Dwayne Sterner will direct the team as Project Manager while Brain Amey will act as General Foreman and direct all field forces. Dwayne and Brian will be supported by Steve Koutch and Scott Bridge.

“The electrical infrastructure is paramount for the success of this endeavor, and I believe we have selected the right team internally to make this happen” says Conkey.

Albarell has already come up to speed on the project, working with other selected partners, such as HT Lyons, JD Morrissey, Inc., B. Pietrini & Sons and Barton Malow, who will be acting as the overall Construction Manager.

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