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Kohler Standby Generator

Generator Sales & Service

Stay Safe and Prepared with Albarell's Generator Services

We offer new industrial/commercial generators up to 1,300KW (Natural Gas) and 4 Megawatts (Diesel).

For residential customers, we offer units from 8KW in Natural Gas or Propane Gas options.

Regular Maintenance will protect your investment and maximize the lifespan of your generator. It will also help to prevent unnecessary power disruptions, which could be costly for your business.

Kohler Backup Generator
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Complete Services Offered:

  • Diesel & Gas Maintenance

  • Natural & LP Gas Maintenance

  • RV & Fire Truck Generators

  • Infrared Scanning

  • Fuel Testing

  • Automatic Transfer Switch

  • Certified Inspection

  • Control Upgrades

  • Rigging & Setting

  • Exhaust System Repairs

  • Load Bank Testing

  • Troubleshooting

  • Maintenance

Never Be Left in the Dark Again

Proper preventative maintenance can improve your generator lifespan and reliability. Some of the issues that can cause a “no start” scenario include, but are not limited to; Battery Failure; Low Coolant Levels; Oil, Fuel, or Coolant Leaks; Electrical Control Malfunction; Air in the Fuel System; Or a Tripped Breaker.


The maintenance cycle can — and should be — adapted to meet specific application needs. The more hours per year a unit operates, the more frequently it will require service. Environment plays a role: The more severe the environment (Dusty, Extreme Heat or Cold, High Humidity, etc.), the more frequent the need for service.

We offer custom maintenance programs designed to optimize your equipment performance based on your specific needs.

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365/24/7 Emergency Service – 610-691-8606

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At Albarell Electric, relationships come first. Call us today to discuss your project, ask questions, or get a quote, at 610-691-8606.

Our experienced team is looking forward to speaking with you.

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