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Industrial Electrician Performing Maintenance on a New Electrical Systems

Preventative Maintenance 

Keep Your Electrical Systems Running Smoothly

Statistics prove, a regularly scheduled Electrical Preventive Maintenance (EPM) Program will prevent business interruptions, life/safety risks and reduce utility costs. Today, most insurance companies are encouraging, and sometimes requiring their customers to participate in electrical preventive maintenance.


Using infrared technologies, our certified technicians can identify occurrences of high temperatures within the inspected components to eliminate the cause of thermal deficiencies. Heat is the major cause of damage to electrical devices and a definite symptom of an impending failure. Our technology readily pinpoints the source of the heat and our testing procedures assure power reliability, which is vital to any infrastructure. All testing completed is NFPA 70B 2010 compliant.

Electrician Repairing a Commercial Electrical System
Electrical Equipment & Tools

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